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Blue-green, oval shaped textured Pendant and Earrings.


An elegant handmade Blue-green, oval shaped textured Pendant and Earrings on a bronze chain. These unique ceramic products made of stone ware clay are glazed on one side and fired at high temperatures making them stronger and more durable but don’t forget they are ceramic, so show caution as with other beads or pearls.

Medium: Stoneware Clay, Glaze, Metal

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Dimensions: Chain without pendant approx. 40.0cm long.  Pendant H. 5.0 x W. 3.0 cm, Earring stones H. 2.5 x W. 1.5 cm

Keep your jewellery away from humidity. Please remove the jewellery prior to showering, bathing, swimming, exercising, and hand washing. Common household chemicals, soaps, and moisturizers or perfumes could cause metals to corrode.
When the jewellery is not being worn, keep it in there box, or in a plastic bag sealed away from air, to prevent oxidization. You could also place a small packet of desiccant crystal with it, for when the weather gets more humid.
Use a soft cotton cloth to gently remove the build-up of dirt and tarnish on metal chains. For the pendants and other ceramic parts, you can wash them with a soft sponge and mild soap in tepid water or you can use baby wet wipes.

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